3 Tips on How to Sharpen Communication Skills

Issac Qureshi
2 min readAug 26, 2020


Communication skills are essential when people want to convey clear messages to others. Innovation and technology make sure that people keep in contact wherever they are. During this global pandemic, communication skills are under scrutiny because one on one conversations are few, especially in the workplace. Many people are embracing the act of working remotely.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not making communication easier because of the issue of social distancing. People have to rely on electronic devices to communicate with one another, and that is why everyone has to up their communication skills.

Observe the three primary goals of communication

When people communicate with each other, there are factors to consider about the message. The message should be clear, complete, correct, considerate, and concise. Messages should always be specific to the target audience. For example, the sender of an email should pay attention to the needs of the receiver. The email itself is crucial, but it should have an impact on the other side. Communicators should strive to practice deep listening and hence build better and stronger relationships.

The communication process focuses on three goals;

• Listening

• Building stronger relationships

• Being heard

Taking back control of one’s mind

Whenever the brain faces a crisis, the mind goes into either the flight, fight, or freeze mode. It is up to the person to control the thoughts running in the brain to overcome any hurdles. When people let many ideas run through the mind, it becomes a maze and disaster to the point of not doing anything constructively.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone

Comfort zones do not allow growth. When people hold onto their comfort zones, they keep getting the same results, time and time again. If an individual can overcome the flight, fight and freeze mode and move beyond fear, there is room for communication improvement. All that people need to do is challenge themselves. Do things a bit differently and get out of their corners for maximum transparent communication. The global changes that are happening are forcing people to change their habits and adapt as necessary.


As the global pandemic changes how people do certain things, individuals should also change and improve their communication skills even if it is through taking classes. Getting a message across is essential, but also is the word correct and precise. People must overcome their fears and face hurdles head on to enjoy victory at the end.



Issac Qureshi

Issac Qureshi is the Founder of Ogilvy & Haart-Wealth Management & Taxation consultancy. http://issacqureshi.co.uk