Ask Yourself These Questions to Succeed

Issac Qureshi
2 min readAug 26, 2020

According to George Bernard Shaw, people do not find themselves in life; they create themselves. Today’s society is overflowing with individuals in the pursuit of more fulfilling lives. The traditional idea of ‘surviving’ life is long gone.

Capitalism, as well as technology in transport and communication, has made the prospects for success attainable. A person born anywhere in the global can become whatever he/she intends to. It is not uncommon for a lower-income family to rise to wealth status. However, all the prospects of success depend on your answer to the following questions:

1. Who is Your Higher Self

Success is the attainment of goals. For a person to excel, he/she should define their personal goals. All human beings have a bearing on what improvements they would love to undergo as people. Some of these improvements may be financial, emotional, physical and psychological. Definiteness of goals will inspire resilience and determination in a person. For without hope for the future life is meaningless.

2. How Motivated are You

Individuals that are passionate and driven to achieve their goals are bound for success. People succeed if they are willing to take a step each day regardless of the challenges they face. An individual that seeks success must understand that many people have similar desires; it is embodying his/her goals that will set him/her apart. These individuals should let their goals inspire their actions and behavior.

3. What is the Difference between Your current and Higher-self

For a person to attain his/her ideal future; he/she must shed their old skin (habits). He/ she should have the ability to recognize bad habits that keep him/her from attaining their goal, and replace them with total commitment. For instance, a girl that wants to lose weight has to do away with the ‘ cheat days’, and always eat healthy. She shed all actions keeps her from her goal.

4. Will You do What it Takes

All great things come at a cost. Success requires a great deal of sacrifice; in terms of time and societal conventions. Prominent leaders such as Nelson Mandela defied societal conventions of their time to attain their goals. A person that is willing to ‘ pay the price’ will surely get his/ her rewards.

Finally, success demands struggle and sacrifice. The idea of ‘ living in the present’; intentionally limits people’s potential. After all, our present conditions were determined by our past, planning our future seems reasonable.



Issac Qureshi

Issac Qureshi is the Founder of Ogilvy & Haart-Wealth Management & Taxation consultancy.