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What is leadership?

That question is a lot more complex than most people think. We all have a rough ballpark idea of what leadership is or means, but what really characterises a great leader?

The answer is that there are as many definitions of leadership as there are leaders. And there are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the kind of leader your business, team or situation needs. A fantastic leader is not some one who possess a specific set of qualities, but rather someone who understands what his or her team need in a given situation.

Take the current COVID-19 crisis. During this time leaders need to take decisive action and set clearly defined guidelines for their employees. This is true for both political leaders and corporate executives and decision makers. But this kind of leadership is equally ineffective in times when a business or economy is thriving. So the short answer to what it takes to be a great leader is to be the leader your situation needs.

That is of course very vague, and demanding that someone can embody all the different leadership styles demanded by all possible situations is utopian. So lets go through a few common leadership styles you can choose between.

Great leadership training in the UK can help you identify the kind of leader you need to be to suit your specific purposes, people, organisation, skills and experience.

Everyone have the potential to be a great leader. Your unique qualities make you the ideal leader for specific situations. For example, if your are the decisive type, you will thrive in a organisation where you have to take many snap decisions. If you are the thoughtful type, you will excel in situations where you need to keep sight of the bigger picture and play the long game. If you are a team player, you might excel at delegating and letting your team feel ownership and take responsibility for their work. And if you are more control oriented you might be the perfect fit a company that needs everyone to follow a unified strategy.

So if you are aspiring to become a leader in your community, business or organisation, you need to start by

As a leadership expert, Issac Qureshi will help you identify the leadership style that resonates with you based on your unique strengths and character traits.

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