Who is Issac Qureshi?

Issac Qureshi
2 min readJun 30, 2020

Issac Qureshi is the guy you call when you are looking to save or make more money.

It can really be put that simple.

For over 15 years, Issac has led a long list of UK businesses to bottom line results that are impossible to ignore. As an entrepreneur and business owner, he turned his first startup business into a six-figure market leader within just 18 months. And just 2 years after its launch, he personally negotiating a £7,400,000 market flotation of the company together with a listing on AIM.

As a dealmaker, Issac Qureshi Manchester, has handled the global re-branding of The Royal Bank of Scotland. In th

is role, he was in charge of re-launching the bank’s general insurance program. — Within 3 months, the program had delivered £9,000,000 in additional revenue for the bank.

Expert on Taxation and Trust law

Today, Isaac Qureshi London is the non-executive director of the wealth and asset management firm, Ogilvy&Haart. In this role, he helps businesses of all sizes plan the optimal tax strategy and get most out of their revenue and assets. His clients are experiencing significant growth and new opportunities after having a plan worked out for their future tax payments.

So is it only larger corporations that can benefit from Issac’s expertise? Not at all!

As an expert and taxation and trust law from University College London, Issac helps private individuals sure their assets and wealth for their heirs. Whether you own a business, real estate, or want to make sure the next generation can take over the family home after you no longer are here, it pays to have a bulletproof tax and inheritance plan in place.

An accountant might help you some of the ways there. But navigating the complex lines of British inheritance tax law or setting up an asset trust to security and legally secure assets for the next generation requires special expertise. Working with Isaac is your guarantee that you choose the strategy that is right for you and your heirs and in compliance with all the relevant legal requirements.

To learn more about how it is to work with one of the top-level London tax specialists, dealmakers and business coaches, contact Issac Qureshi, b



Issac Qureshi

Issac Qureshi is the Founder of Ogilvy & Haart-Wealth Management & Taxation consultancy. http://issacqureshi.co.uk